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Over the past 20 years Retrac Productions have successfully built up a well deserved reputation throughout Motorsport and Formula 1 for manufacturing class ‘A’ structural components, along with critical engine components.

With the support of our sister company Retrac Composites our specialised knowledge and unique combined service offering means we are able to take a CAD data, design production tooling and manufacture finished components from start to finish for leading formula 1 and motorsport teams.

Why Choose Retrac?

  • Precision & Intricacy

    In an industry that demands high levels of intricacy and precision, The Retrac Group of companies routinely work to tolerances of +/- 0.02mm to deliver accuracy where it matters most.
  • Highly Skilled & Experienced

    Our highly skilled staff employ the most advanced design software including CATIA V5 and DELCAM.
  • Speed of Delivery

    We pride ourselves on being a single entity manufacturing solution with an outstanding reputation for both the quality of our manufacturing and our ability to undertake the shortest possible lead times.
  • Global Client Base

    Our global client base includes the world's leading F1, automotive and aerospace companies amongst others who require a manufacturing partner with a proven track record for delivering high-precision engineering solutions.

Case Studies